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Home Health Care

It’s true that there really is no place like home. 

When facing chronic illness or serious injury, most people prefer the comfort of staying in their own homes over going to a hospital or nursing home for care. Our skilled nurses and therapists provide home health care services, allowing you to stay in your own, familiar surroundings and receive top quality care at home. 


 Skilled Nursing Care

  • Skilled Nursing Services

  • On call Tele-health Monitoring

  • Blood sugar testing and diabetic management

  • Geriatric care management

  • Home infusion therapy education

  • Peg, G / J tube care, Colostomy, Catheter Care and education

  • High-tech nursing

  • PICC line dressing changes

  • Wound care

  • Doctor ordered injections

  • Medication management

  • Monitoring of health status

  • Rehabilitation

  • Assessment and management of care

  • Teaching of self- or family-care techniques

  • And more…

Senior Preferred Homecare provides skilled nursing as well as physical, speech, and occupational therapy services. 

Phone Consultation
30 min
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